The 7 Most Important Things In Life You’ll Regret Not Doing Or Pursuing

Godwin Morah
7 min readFeb 14, 2022
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Am only approaching my 3rd decade here on earth and more than half of it.

I have spent just drifting aimlessly through the struggles of life.

My whole life, I feel, has been a meaningless existence.

A life filled with emptiness and an endless void filled with so much shame and regrets.

I have lived what some will call a long life.

But to me, it doesn’t feel like I have lived at all.

Because my journey through life has been towards my disappointment and regrets.

Here are the 7 most important things I’m dedicating the rest of my life to, and you should too.

So, you don’t suffer the same fate, I fear.

Number 1: Not Committing To A Meaningful Life

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We all have been given a very brief time to walk on this earth.

However, how you choose to live yours is entirely up to you.

Whether you like it or not you are on a journey towards your grave.

And the beauty of life isn’t in how long you lived but how well you lived your years.

At some stage in life, we all wrestle with questions like. Why am I here?

What’s my purpose on earth? What do I have to do with my life?

Finding answers to some of these questions could be the start of the journey towards a meaningful life.

Subconsciously we all know we have roles to play on earth.

And this is beyond providing for your families and friends.

Beyond Reproduction and finding a good place to live.

In the end, we all want our life to mean something significant to the world.

We want our life to lead to our happiness rather than towards bitterness,

To lead to fulfillment rather than towards disgruntlement.

It’s your life, and I don’t know how much time you have ahead of you.

But I am sure it could be used for something meaningful.

Number 2: Not Using Your Gift Or Talents

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We are all uniquely gifted.

Some with an amazing voice, some with an amazing mind.

Some with the gift of speaking, writing, administrating, the lists are endless.

But it’s a fact that we each carry something that makes us unique.

Sort of like a pregnant woman with a child in her womb.

A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men. Scripture says.

This is true about spirituality as it is true about life.

You have a gift and this gift can be used to be a blessing to the world or at least to change someone’s life for the better.

Even though we can’t all be a blessing to the world, at least we could bless someone’s life.

Find your gift and use it to be a blessing.

Number 3: Not Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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Our body just like every other thing in this world will get old and someday die.

Am sorry but our body isn’t built to last forever

Sooner or later it’s going to run out of life.

Being young we tend to think our health is going to last forever.

But the truth is from the day we were born we’ve already started dying.

And our lifestyle will determine how fast we speed up the process.

They’re a few tweaks you can make in your current lifestyle now

That contributes in the long run to your health.

A small change you can start making now that will save you a trip to the hospital.

Honestly, some sickness are worse than death.

If my dad had quit smoking 15–20 years ago, he probably would have been here to hold his grandson.

If my uncle Francis Morah had quit alcohol, he probably would have been with us on earth today.

We are not invisible so start taking good care of your health today for it will take care of you tomorrow.

Number 4: Not Making Certain Changes Now

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They’re certain changes if you don’t make them now, they might hurt you in the future.

No one is perfect, and I don’t know what changes you need to make in your life.

But I sure know they are changes to be made

Perhaps in your relationships, your habits, finances, and so on.

They are some knowledge and skills you could acquire now that will give you an advantage in the future.

Habit or discipline you can develop now that will save you from shame and regrets.

The changes you need to make in your life are entirely up to you.

Number 5: Not Chasing Your Dreams

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We all have dreams and beautiful imaginations of how we want to live our lives and the things we want to achieve.

Only to be faced with the reality of life and be pressured to walk a different path.

Society as I have seen only support a few dreams

The others they see as a waste of time, and just expect us to throw it in the trash.

Someday we might wake to the reality of our dreams or realize our whole life is a nightmare.

For years I have lived a scripted life, been told what to do, how to live,

Pressure by society to chase money rather than my dreams.

But the truth is I only have one life to live I might as well live it to the fullest.

They are no other life we can chase our dreams except this one.

You know who you want to be, things you would like to do, do it, become that person you’ve always wanted to be.

For everyone else is already taken.

Number 6: Not Valuing Your Time

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Like I said earlier we each have a brief time to walk on this earth.

And when that time is up, there is no coming back, no second chances, no do-over.

Time is the only thing we came into this world with and someday it’s going to run out.

I don’t know how much time you have in front of you but I think it can be spent doing something that will bring happiness and meaning to your life.

Number 7: Not Letting Go Of The Past

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We each have a past, but some of us hold on to it so much that we can’t move past certain events.

They’re some things we can’t run from in this world, the best we can do is face them.

The past can sometimes be a blessing and also a curse, I’ve leant.

Some of us have things we need to deal with from our past, things holding us back, causing us pain and regrets.

Now my question is what are the things that are holding you back?

What are you going to regret not letting go, from the past? Alcohol? Bitterness? your Failures?

Deal with them or someday in the future, they will deal with you.

Here is a recap of all 7 things you will regret not doing or pursuing in life

Not Committing Towards Something Meaningful

Not Using Your Gift And Talents

Not Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Not Making Certain Changes

Not Chasing Your Dreams

Not Valuing Your Time

Not Letting Go Of The Past

Final Thoughts

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The journey of life while we might think it easier for some people. May not be as it seems.

No life on earth is perfect.

Some might look better but we each have our own struggles in life.

It’s entirely up to you what you do with the rest of your life.

I don’t know where the journey of your life is leading you but I know there are things you can start doing today that will alter its path.

Your past mistake doesn’t have to be your future mistake.

If you are still here, it means they are some things you can still do to correct some of your life mistakes.

I leave you with this question till we meet again.

10 years from now what will you regret not starting today?



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