How To Reset Your Life With Just 6 Steps

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I’m almost 30 and it feels like my whole life has been a total waste.

To the outside world, people think I have gotten everything quite figured out, but the truth is,

I have been putting on a fake smile for far too long, that I have become a sham.

Over the years, I have learned to master the art of hiding, my feelings, flaws, and pains,

I have learned to hide from who I want to be.

But the truth is just like you and everyone else,

I have my demons to battle, addictions, and depression to deal with, regret and loss to cope with.

But enough about me, let’s talk about you.

Why are you here? Really! Why are you here?

Reading this article instead of thousands of other articles across the web.

I want to believe you have gotten to that point in your life

When it is time to hit the reset button, start over again.

In the redesign of your life, fate, and story.

I want to believe we are here for the same reason,
Which is knowing that we need a change in our life,
Closure from our past, and creating for ourselves a new adventure in life.

These 6 steps have changed my life or I should say is changing my life.

I’m excited to see what these 6 steps will do for you.

Step One: Letting Go Of The Old Life

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A new life starts with the new meaning we bring to it.

We have all gone through different experiences and changes in life, and some of these changes we have allowed to define us in certain ways.

In life, we are all defined by something.

Our faith and beliefs, pains and dreams.

To experience a new life will have to be willing to let go of the old one.

You have to make that conscious deliberate decision of letting go of the past.

Believe me the past you hold onto that doesn’t work for you is working against you.

To experience a new meaning in life, you have to let go of the old meaning from your past.

So, the question is what is it that you have to let go of your past?
Your mistakes, failures, losses, and regrets? Bitterness, hurt, or betrayal?

Believe me, what you haven’t thrown away hasn’t gone away.

And it’s up to you to give up the reason why you still hold onto your past.

Step Two: Giving Your Life A New Direction Or A Redirection

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Our journey in life will never end.

Each of our lives is heading in a direction.
Some of us, I think are lost in life, or slightly out of track.

To get your life back on track or give it a new direction.

You must have a vision of what it is that you want in life.

Where there is no vision, the people perish scripture says

That is true about spirituality as it is about life.

A life without vision is a life without direction.

One will just be walking aimlessly on the surface of the earth.

For it’s in your vision you’ll find your direction in life.
And don’t worry life will provide clarity as long as you open your mind to it.

It’s sad to see some still don’t know where their life is going.

Some over 30, 40 years still don’t know where their life is headed.

To this point, some still don’t know how their life has arrived here,

where it needs resetting.

Each of our lives is heading somewhere, the question is where?

But on your sojourn here in life has it been towards your fulfillment or regrets?
What is it that you really want? Do you want happiness? Financial freedom? Peace?
Nothing changes until you do.

You have to envision a new life for yourself and your family and don’t worry life will provide you direction.

Your old life is gone and here is the start of a new one, a blank slate, and right now, you can redesign the future you want for your life.

You can get your life back on track,
Find everything you ever wanted, happiness, joy, peace, and so on.

You have been given another chance to reinvent yourself, get unstuck.

You have been given the chance to make that change that you need.

Give your life a direction towards what will bring you happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

Step Three: Become Someone New

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You have figured out what you want for your life now you need to figure out who you want to become.

Believe me, the process of becoming someone new is not easy. For we are all built slightly differently.

Becoming someone new is embracing the right character for your new journey in life.

How do you want to show up? What image do you want to portray?

We are all representatives of a brand, an idea, and a vision.

How do you see yourself in a new light on this journey through life?

Do you want to lose a certain amount of weight? Grow some muscles? Talk a certain way?

Do you want to be more vibrant, and show up with an insane amount of energy or enthusiasm?

Go through that process of becoming a new version of yourself
Be open to this new person you want to become.

Make it a challenge and set a goal to surprise someone with a change in you.

See yourself for who you want to be, and take the necessary steps to become that person.

In life, you may not be able to change the things around you but you can change yourself and things around you will change.

Step Four: Live By Certain Principles And Values

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Principles and values are like rail tracks that guide us in our life journey.

See it has a road map has to how we should live our lives.

We all have different principles and values we hold true.

Honesty and nobility, justice and compassion, religion and spiritualism.

Like I said earlier in step 3 we are all representatives of a brand.

Well, our principles and values show what we stand for.

It’s up to you to choose what you want to stand for, what you want to reflect in your life.

Step Five: Having A Plan And Goal For Your New Life

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Plan something for your life or your life will plan something for you.

While God or the Universe may have plans for each of our lives.

We should have plans of our own, and make it a goal to achieve them.

They are still a lot we can do with the very little time we have to walk on this earth and it is best we make the most of it.

Check recorded history they are people well over their 30’s, 40’s, and even 50’s.

Who has left marks in history and now it is up to you to make your own difference and bring meaning to your life.

Step Six Dealing With Old Habits

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Your old habits will eventually bring you back to your old life.

This step may yet be the most challenging of all six steps.

For some habits are harder to break especially the ones that have become strong addictions,

We must deal with them, for they can still bring our life back where we are now.

Habits are the building blocks of our character, rituals, and standards.

What habit do you need to deal with in your life?

What do you want to be your legacy?

How do you want your story to end or be told?

You are probably in your final years on this earth
Make the best of it.

Here are all the 6 steps in a recap

Step One: Letting Go Of The Old Life

Step Two: Giving Your Life A New Direction Or A Redirection

Step Three: Become Someone New

Step Four: Live By Certain Principles And Values

Step Five: Having A Plan And Goal For Your New Life

Step Six: Dealing With Old Habits

Final Thought

It’s not going to be an easy journey for this new life you want to create for yourself but you must create for yourself a new life.

The easy part I think is starting but where it gets tough is in maintaining the new life.

Find time each week, or month to reflect on your journey in life.

Constantly redirect your life to where it needs to go.

If your life must change you too must change.

Some of your friends might need changing, your diet, your routine, but don’t be scared of those changes.

I’m done trying to make other people like me while I don’t even like myself.

I’m done spending my life trying to make other people happy while deep on the inside I’m miserable.

We are all in different chapters in our life.
For me, it’s a chapter to reset and start over.

What chapter of your life are you in right now?



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